Start Your Career as a Financial Advisor !!

Financial Advisors are the need of the hour!

Picture this: You are strolling in a busy cloth market of your city. You can see people being choosy about what they want to buy, rejecting so many of them. And then you hear someone saying, “Bhaiyya yeh kitna chalega? Iska rang toh nahi jaega?” The implication being, they want a guarantee that the clothing article they are about to buy will last.

Likewise, people need to care about their own lives. And they need to have a guarantee against any mishappening. That is insurance. Simply put, people should have life and health insurance no matter what they do for a living. But buying an insurance policy and getting a verbal guarantee from a cloth vendor isn’t the same thing. Life can take an unexpected turn at any moment. Health is something we can’t predict and so is the longevity of life. Either way, assurance for both life and health counts. Therefore, in matters of life and death, people need a guarantee that whatever product they are buying will hold true in the future.

But who convinces them? Who understands their needs and situation and keeps their interest in mind? It is you, the financial advisors.

You as a financial advisor can understand the needs of the people and deliver them the best life or health insurance policy available in the market. A financial advisor is as important a professional as anyone. People can read as much as they want about an insurance policy on the internet or in brochures but only an agent can tell them the nuances of it.

People are now more concerned about their lives and well-being. But lack of knowledge and correct information leads them to buy the wrong insurance policies. There is a lot of information available. And that confuses the people to a great extent. You as an advisor can take over the part of informing and help them make a good decision.

Not just life insurance, the advent of coronavirus has made people more conscious about their health and having health insurance. Then again, there is such nitty-gritty to health insurance policies that only an advisor like you can suggest the best one to the people. More importantly, telling people that health and life insurance are vital and can’t be bought interchangeably is very important. Just like a goldsmith who can tell the difference between copper and pure gold, only an advisor like you can pick the best health and life insurance policy from the bulk.

Being an independent financial advisor liberates you from the stress of a 9-hour job. You are your own boss. You set your targets, you fix your schedule, you work as hard as you want, and you take the reward and the blessings of the people you serve well. financial advisors are entrepreneurs who help people secure their future.

As for you, having a career in insurance is both a short- and long-term decision. In the short-term, you get your fees and make a living out of it. You also build your network and generate more business. In a couple of years, you will have enough customers and good word of mouth to run your business comfortably. If you are good at what you do, then people will spread your word for you. In the long-term, the renewals will keep filling your coffers, while the new customers will generate more revenue. The more contacts you have, the more money you will make.

We at Caterpillar will train you to be better financial advisors. We will arm you with all the knowledge and information you will need to deal with your clients and guide you through every step. Our goal is to make you a self-reliant professional who has no boss and deadlines to worry about. The hope is to make our society well insured. The way to do it is you. And Caterpillar stands with you to make this happen.

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