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We pride ourselves for our comprehensive expertise across insurance, debt, equity, commodities & mutual fund products. Our service offerings offer you a hand-crafted plan as per your needs, age & financial position


Our experts will make sure that you are always in control irrespective of what the future has in store. Our comprehensive understanding of insurance products across term, medical, auto & other genres, ensures you are always ahead of the risks.


Equity with Expertise

The dynamism of the global equity markets can be overwhelming for busy professionals to grapple with. Our continuous monitoring and understanding of global events keeps you a step ahead and moderates your risk while maximising your opportunities.

Equity Investments

The Balance Maker

Debt Instruments have gained precedence as a tool to balance risk and reward in the global investment market. Our analytical approach of using debt instruments to prime your investment portfolio is sure shot method of ensuring consistency of return.

Debt Instruments

Mutual Funds

Past is no guide for the future when it comes to mutual funds. Yet, heaps of chatbots, call centres & websites are busy throwing past performances at customers to mis-sell mutual funds. You can rely on our strong understanding of this asset class to deliver strong returns with the future in mind; not the past.

Mutual Funds
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CIIS has been delivering superior returns and customer experience for its wide range of clients since 2017

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Our rapid progress is based on honest pursuit of our client's goal, thereby building a long lasting & mutually rewarding relationship with each one of them.

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We have your back in times of need. No struggle with random document search or long call centre waiting times. We are just a call away when you need us.

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Financial success is as much a factor of network as it of expertise. We take pride in providing both to our esteemed clients. With us as your partners, you are in the safekeeping of a thriving community.

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Our scale helps us get access to the best deals for you. This asymmetric advantage is what drives the multiplier effect of your investments as we move together.

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