Let’s understand our working philosophy

Each client is different and has different needs. I strive to acknowledge & respect this difference while advising.
Your goals are our mission

Delivering unparalelled personalisation to financial planning

To emerge as a trusted brand for personalised financial advisory in India with expertise across equity, debt, & insurance instruments.

In today’s world of uncertainty, financial planning is essential to ensuring a safe & secure future. Given the number of options available online, choosing the right one becomes a daunting task. We aim to help you by providing a one stop destination for all your investment needs.  

To offer each and every client with a personalised and structured financial plan that is tailor-made to their specific needs & goals. 

Excellent Track Record

From insurance to wealth management, our expertise has powered the growth of our clients's portfolios.

Coverage across asset classes

Our expertise across a wide range of asset classes ensures our advise is comprehensive & balanced

200+ Strong Client Base

Our clients are an asset for each other. A community that thrives on the experiences of each other.

INR 2 Bn in Insurance Cover

With a strong insurance corpus, we are the first in line for best products and premiums as far as top insurance companies are concerned.

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Plan your finances in line
with the stage of your life

Young Professionals

Smaller quantum, higher risk appetite and thumping ambition define this segment of our clientele. Our advise is to lay solid ground work for their long terms dreams and prepare them for the responsibilities that beckon.

Recently Married

Marriage is one of life's biggest events and it demands alteration in one's financial plans. A perfect opportunity to sync your goals and resources with your life partner to craft a financial journey that defines happiness and prosperity for both of you.

Professionals with young Children

Children are the life of a family and it's pivotal to plan for their bright & happy future. At CIIS, our unwavering pursuit of long term goals with regards to term insurance, education corpus and overall family prosperity helps you plan for your family's future.

Approaching Retirement

A successful career must culminate into a happy, worry-free life. Our deep expertise in wide variety of insurance and investment tools allows our senior clients to craft a financial portfolio that guarantees dignity, happiness & independence post retirement.