Your financial planning should evolve with you.

Your dad believes in insurance uncles, next-door brokers. Do you? Gen-Y needs ‘cool’ quotient to capital management.

We are the Caterpillars — Standing by the millennials for the millennials!

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At CIIS, we are committed to finding unique solutions for your financial needs

Client-Centered Approach

In-depth analysis of the financial profile and goals of the client keep us focused on personalised solutions.

True Wealth Management

Unlike websites or bots; our advisors bring the human element into the equation; thereby ensuring focus on financial decisions from a personal & family perspective

Easy & Efficient Process

We offer unparalleled convenience by offering a dedicated Financial Advisor model that ensures you can focus on things that matter most to you without worrying about managing your financial decisions.


Our dedicated research empowers you to achieve your goals

Our work draws on our experience of managing over 200+ clients with an aggregate portfolio of  INR 50 Cr. 


Retirement Planning

Aimed at middle & senior management professionals looking to let their money work harder for them when they hang the boots of their professional careers.

Partners in growth

For the young couples planning their financial life ahead, we offer personalised planning that encapsulates all your needs & goals.

Wealth Management

For the shining stars of the Indian economy whose ambition is larger than life and they need a team which can measure up with their vision.

Planning for Family Goals

Your family deserves the very best when it comes to planning their financial future & goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our team of experts represents strong understanding of equity, debt & insurance products thereby ensuring expansive & robust advise for you. No matter how complex, the instrument, we have got your back.

You First

For us, it's "You first" and unlike investment portals; we are not working with the mandate of selling a particular brand or type of financial product. Our views are incisive and independent.

Value for you

Advising hundreds of our clients puts us in front of several unique moneymaking opportunities that are not available in the open market. We are committed to passion on the benefits of this network effect.

Outstanding, Experienced Team

We drive results through expertise & experience. Our strong hiring benchmarks ensure that you are always in learned company so that your time & money is delivering outstanding ROI.


Solutions for every responsible professional

Our clients represent a wide spectrum of professional endeavours. Some are high flying corporate executive & others are dynamic entrepreneurs but what joins them together is their unwavering commitment to their financial goals & objectives.


Fundamentals drive success!

Life Insurance

Term Insurance
Guaranteed Plans
Endowments Plans

General Insurance

Health Insurance
Personal accident Insurance
Motor Insurance
Travel Insurance

Mutual Funds



Our success is reflected in the
achievement of our client's objectives

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Our Financial Process

01. Understand

We spend time understanding your financial profile & goals.

02. Research

Pur financial analysts undertake through research to identify tools that can help you achieve your goals.

03. Financial Plan

We share a modular plan that provides alternative routes to achieve your goals with their risk profiles.

04. Implement

Timing is everything when it comes to financial success. We implement the right trades at the right time so that you can win!

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